EightBells ™

The Napoleonic Naval Wargame System







EightBells™ is the Napoleonic Naval Wargame System, using an iOS App and a Rules Document.

The App runs on iPhones running release 3.2 or later, as well as on iPads, and on 3rd-generation iPods, and on newer iOS devices.


The EightBells iPhone Application takes care of all your calculations and remembers information about ships and fleets.


The EightBells Rules Document describes the preferred way to conduct naval actions of the great sailing ships during the period around the Napoleonic Wars.


EightBells handles tabletop naval war games from the late 1600’s through 1860. The EightBells iPhone App gives you more than 60 configurable ships from that period, organized into fleets from 17 countries.

The EightBells App is designed for use by the game master (the “GM”) of a naval war game setting. He or she generally handles the ship calculations based upon what the players state they want to do. The GM also announces when local rules or historical situations may apply to the ships.

Players may also obtain the EightBells App for their personal iPhones/iOS devices but this is not mandatory. One iOS device can be used for an entire game.

The settings for ships and fleets are retained within the device’s EightBells internal database so you may pause a game until some future date, or turn off your iPhone.


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